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Post by map88 on Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:32 pm

All rules apply to ALL members this includes all people who are posting on this forum.

1. No abuse (of any kind) against other members will be tolerated, in forum or in private messages. Any reports of abuse will be investigated and a ban may result.

2. Spamming will not be tolerated; anything deemed as spam will be deleted spammers will be warned once. Spam again it will result in a one month ban. Spam again and it is an IP ban, It’s simple really, Just don’t spam.

3. We (wa-zone) reserve the right to move/edit/delete any post that we feel may offend, prevent social cohesion or bring negative attention to the site legal or otherwise. This may be done without notice and a warning may be issued.

4. When a member breaches the rules they will receive a warning, if the behaviour is continued they may be banned the time will be determined by an administrator or moderator. Continued behaviour will result in a complete IP ban.

5. Any abuse towards administration/moderators/site negative/offensive postings about moderators/administration/site will result in a ban.

6. Any disputes about a ban may be taken up with a moderator/administrator but abusive behaviour will not be tolerated

7. Please try and avoid text or chat room talk. "r u k i juz wan 2 kno" should be "Are you okay, I just wanted to know"

8. Any post made by any member of this forum does not represent the view of the forum site. Any poster that finds themselves in legal trouble over a post made on this site is legally responsible for his/hers own actions/post/ideas/thoughts.

All members are expected to comply with all rules. Rules are subject to change without warning so please check back everynow and then. Now that the formalities are out of the way, have fun posting!

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