WA Red Army Closes in on its 250th recruit!

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WA Red Army Closes in on its 250th recruit! Empty WA Red Army Closes in on its 250th recruit!

Post by Redszone on Sun Mar 20, 2011 4:48 pm

The WA Red Army Closes in on its 250th recruit!

A newly set up rugby league independent supporters group in Western Australia is providing a strong voice in support of a WA team's inclusion in the 2013 NRL competition. With support coming in from all over the world, as well as strong representation from across Western Australia, the WA Red Army committee are very pleased with the response to the new fanclub.
Red Army Chairperson, Jason Burton, said " We had anticipated having around 300 members by the end of our first year so to have reached nearly 250 within the first few weeks is great and shows the high level of interest in RL in Western Australia."
With an aim to give RL fans in WA an opportunity to come together to support the greatest game as well as act as the official fan club of the WA Reds, the Red Army's ranks are swelling. Working closely with the WARL and WA Reds bid team the Red Army committee are ensuring the voice of fans is heard in the development a future WA NRL team. A new Red Army website has recently been launched and a monthly newsletter is keeping members up to date with all the latest WA news and views.
Membership is free and easy to join via the Red Army website. Simply complete the form and become a part of the future of RL in Western Australia.
Website: www.warzone.net.au
Email redarmy@warzone.net.au

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