Some Interesting Facts from a Recent Survey of West Australians

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Some Interesting Facts from a Recent Survey of West Australians Empty Some Interesting Facts from a Recent Survey of West Australians

Post by Redszone on Thu Mar 24, 2011 4:36 pm

Nearly half of all males in the Perth Metro area watch the NRL on TV and more than half in the 18-39 age groups.

• The key connection Perth people have with rugby league is via the television and newspapers.

• In the past 12 months, 3% of people in WA report having attended a local rugby league club match, and an additional 4% reported attendance at a state or national level. This 7% have already demonstrated a commitment to following the game in person.

• In total, 42% of the WA population have watched NRL on TV at some time, and 33% have watched international matches on TV. According to a Roy Morgan survey, 3.4% of the WA population watch the NRL on TV regularly. Synovate’s recent community survey also revealed that 15% have read about or follow the NRL in the newspapers and 8% have read about or follow the NRL on the internet.

• Current levels of participation in rugby league in Perth is just over 10% of males in the Perth metro area aged over 18 years, currently playing or have played rugby league in to past 5 years.

• Attendance at rugby league state and /or national games (4%) is higher than netball, the sport with the highest participation rates in Perth (33%). This is despite having no local Perth team for nearly 15 years.

• Almost 16% of the Perth Metro population state they would be likely to attend a game in the opening season if the pitch is successful, while 6% indicate they are likely to become a member. This indication of potential membership uptake is particularly positive when it is considered that 6% of the Perth Metro population are Eagles members and 5% Dockers members.

• Since 2001, nineteen WARL players have gone on to play high level rugby league in the eastern states. Seven of those players were signed to NRL teams.

• WARL has continued to provide a forum for junior players to be involved in rugby league both within WA and interstate. As at 2010, there are over 3,000 registered players in WA, which is the third highest participation rate in Australia, just behind NSW and Queensland.

The NRL is missing Western Australian representation. The WA Reds is a MUST for 2013.

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