Reds' Chiefs Sell the WOW Factor

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Reds' Chiefs Sell the WOW Factor Empty Reds' Chiefs Sell the WOW Factor

Post by Redszone on Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:57 pm

Perth Reds took the first small step this week in what they hope will be a giant leap for West Australian sport.
A WA Rugby Leage delegation of chief executive John Sackson, chairman David Hobbs and director Bruce Havilah had a 90 minute meeting with NRL chief David Gallop and Andrew Hill, the newly appointed director of league integration and game development, in Sydney. Hill's involvement is significant. Hew as involved with the Western Reds, which fileded a team in the NRL in 1995 and '96 as the innaugural coaching and development manager and was also a reserve grade player with the club. Hill returned to Sydney at the end of '96 when the Reds joined Superleague. He spent 18 months with the AFL helping set up the GWS, and has now been lured back to the NRL for what he describes as an "incredibly exciting time".
Hill has an affinity with the Perth market, a factor that will not hurt the WARL bid. One of his new roles will be to coordinate the needs of the wider game once the ARL is disbanded and a new 8 director independent commision is set up to run the game. Hill will report directly to Gallop and one of the first issues on the agend will be expansion.
"The meeting was very positive" Sackson said. "We had the opportunity to highlight every aspect of our case and where we are at, particularly with regard to sustainability, feasibility, corporate governance and government support".
"The formal proposal with all the bells and whistles willbe made once we get confirmation the NRL is expanding, but we belive we're in a great position right now."
The Reds have lined up a major sponsor which is ready to sign a $1.5-2million deal.
Hill will visit Perth in the "next month or so" and be updated on the Reds' plans to join the NRL in 2013 and see what shape the game is in at greassroots level.

Sport Confidential - Sunday Times 3/4/11

The NRL is missing Western Australian representation. The WA Reds is a MUST for 2013.

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