Canadian Domestic Rugby League to expand.

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Canadian Domestic Rugby League to expand. Empty Canadian Domestic Rugby League to expand.

Post by Redszone on Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:44 pm

The Toronto City Saints and the St Catherines Bobcats will be joined by two more teams in the 2011 domestic competition. "We are extremely excited about the addition of 2 more clubs," stated Director Cory Tukeli, "there has been a lot of interest and the standard of play will be much higher than ever before."

The names and locations of these clubs will be released in the coming weeks. Tukeli went on to say. "This is the first in a string of massive announcements coming up in the next few weeks from Canada Rugby League, and we see the future of Rugby League in Canada as a bright and exciting one." Watch this space for more.

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